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(TW: violence, transphobia, murder)
I’m writing this in English because I need the world (or my few followers) to know about what happens in Colombia to Trans* people.  This is one case, but this is a daily struggle for all trans* specially trans woman.  Sorry for my English I’m not very good at writing in English.
This is Natalie, a 22 years old trans woman that has been murder in San Onofre, Sucre (Colombia) in the night of the Saturday 3 of August. She had been harassed and hurt in the past, and there was an ongoing investigation, but the police didn’t do anything. The night she was shoot she was with other trans women and they said that the murderer is some one related with armed groups.  If you know anything about Colombia, you know here we have a war, a very long war, with different armed actors (guerrillas, paramilitares, ejercito).  In this war the groups that has control over the territories said what are the rules, and is common that this groups are homophobic and transphobic and they usually assassinated LGBT people.  
I live in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, here is much more easier to live as trans* but in the other regions of Colombia is very difficult, being trans in most parts of Colombia is like having a death treat every day of your life.  I admire the bravery of all the trans people that live in my country, I cry over the violence that is inflicted upon us. I send my love to all of the souls of the people that have died for being LGBT in a war that doesn’t make sense.